Glasses, coverall goggles, mask goggles, face shields, welders’ goggles etc.

Coverguard® offers safety glasses and goggles for all types of use. Our eye protection range combines advanced engineering, modernity and comfort, with a range of sportswear, classic or contemporary models with adjustable or self-adjustable temples, seals, non-slipping nose bridge etc.

Our mask goggles offer protection from all sorts of splashing material: liquids, chemicals, particles, spray etc. Welders’ masks and hoods cover virtually all uses: autogenous welding, plasma welding, torch welding, arc welding, TIG/MIG/MAG/air carbon welding.

Thanks to the variety of models, colours and treatments available, we can offer you a range of eye protection equipment that can address all working environments: public works, building, industry, laboratory work, farming, oil and gas etc.

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