Deploying our forces to serve distributors and protect users

Deploying our forces to serve distributors and protect users

Several hundred men and women work every day to improve your experience as a distributor and the experience of millions of users of our products.

Every year, we distribute over 80,000,000 products across the world, with availability above 98.5% and a lead-time compliance rate above 98%.

Encompassing usage analyses, material selection, product design, certification to European standards, planning, production monitoring, procurement, local logistics and unfailing support from our sales and administrative staff, each stage in the process is rigorously controlled and measured.

All our staff have been made aware of CSR issues, and we have put in place a dedicated action plan as part of that effort, with simple, concrete and measurable goals.

We agree to provide you with a dedicated interlocutor, both for commercial and administrative matters.

Our 15 multilingual catalogues are available in electronic format or in printed format if required.

Our e-Ordering platform is available 24/7 to allow you to prepare your next order at your convenience: a complete range, real-time stock, product data, multiple delivery addresses, Excel imports from your ERP system.

Our EDI system can be configured to make order placing even easier.


All the PPE released into the market complies with the European PPE regulation 2016/425 and harmonised standards. Before marketing, each model is first tested and certified in an independent accredited laboratory (Satra, BSI, Inspec, CTC etc.) according to the applicable European standards.

  • Audits : quality, ethics, social accountability in accordance with the requirements of standards ISO 9001: 2015 et SA8000.
  • Inspection : in-process and upon receipt
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