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Our mission is to protect people in the workplace the world over.

our history
Historic know-how

“At the end of the 1930s, the first welders’ gloves and aprons stepped out of our workshop in Chemin de la Scaronne, Lyon”

Since that time, the company has developed continuously and the family venture has grown into an international company that uses its logistical strength to serve distributors in over 100 countries. Its entrepreneurial spirit has endured.

At the same time, Coverguard® has enhanced its expertise and has developed the scope of personal protection, offering products that protect people at work from head to toe across the world.

our brand
Coverguard® : Safety designer

All brands of the group become : Coverguard®

« United we stand »

In 2020, our 12 historic brands came together under a single one, Coverguard®.

That iconic name encapsulates our long years of experience in serving distributors and developing products for people at work.

Now more than ever, Coverguard® is receptive to the needs of its customers and partners.

Coverguard footwear, Coverguard Xpert, Coverguard tidy, Earline, Lux Optical, Sup Air, Eurotechnique, Top Lock, Protegam, Euro Protection become Coverguard®.

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